Weekend Update: April 22nd-24th

BY Andrew Miesner / April 25, 2011

Weekend Update: April 22nd-24th

by Alex “Yeunanimous” Yue

This weekend was absolutely packed with great StarCraft II action. With the NASL and the TSL3 running on both Saturday and Sunday, SC2 fans were in the great position of having too many great games to watch at once.


Kicking off with the NASL’s Saturday show, the first game of the day saw the two German titans HasuObs and Goody going head to head. In a thrilling match up, HasuObs showed some impressive play netting him the win 2-1. The second game of the night was Brat_OK vs. Machine. Brat_OK won the first game, however, Machine managed to collect himself and won games 2 and 3. CatZ vs. SeleCT was up next. Showing off his aggressive style, SeleCT took down CatZ 2-0. StarTale’s ACE vs. compLexity’s Stalife was up next. Unfortunately for Stalife, ACE cleaned house 2-0. The last match of the night saw Ret vs. MC. Despite being the underdog, Ret managed to beat MC 2-0.

Sunday’s edition of the NASL saw Tyler vs. Drewbie. Looking like his old self, Tyler dominated winning 2-0. The next game was between Socke and PainUser. In an exciting back and forth match, Socke’s Warp Gate play proved too strong for PainUser ending with a score of 2-1. Game three was between MaNa and Zenio. Showing why Korean players are held with such high regard, Zenio ended MaNa 2-0. The next game was IdrA vs. Cloud. Highlighting his macro style, IdrA crushed Cloud 2-0. In an amazing rematch from last week’s TSL3 gamers were treated to Boxer vs. Sen. Firmly stating that “The Emperor” is on a come back, Boxer beat Sen 2-1.


Saturday’s edition of the TSL3 saw MC vs. ThorZaIN and Kas vs. Adelscott. Starting off with Kas vs. Adelscott, both players put on a fantastic show, however Kas played a nearly flawless game allowing him to win 3-1. MC vs. ThorZaIN also was a match for the ages. Going all the way to a game five, ThorZaIN and his patented Thor builds proved too strong for MC allowing him to move to the round of four.

Sunday’s first game saw compLexity’s CrunCher vs. NaNiwa. In a fantastic PvP series which went all the way to game five, CrunCher was finally taken out by NaNiwa. Note that this isn’t anything to be ashamed of, NaNiwa recently had a monumental 24-2 run at this past MLG Dallas. The last game of this weekend’s TSL3 saw Boxer vs. HasuObs. Recently Boxer has been doing quite well, especially considering he was really having a rough time up until two or three weeks ago. Unfortunately for Boxer, his recent winning streak was ended by HasuObs who crushed him 3-0.

The V

This week’s edition of The V saw the newly famous Spanishiwa (current champion of The V) versus VTGaming’s Spades. In this great ZvT series, Spanishiwa proved that his last outing in The V was no fluke. Going to game six, Spanishiwa continued to show that he is capable of using both his own unique style, as well as other more standard Zerg styles. Congratulation to Spanishiwa for holding onto his crown as champion of The V.

To watch the series, click here.