Weekend Update: April 30th – May 1st

BY Andrew Miesner / May 3, 2011

Weekend Update: April 30th – May 1st

by Alex “Yeunanimous” Yue

This past weekend saw some awesome SC2 action. While the TSL3 was taking a break, the NASL, IGN Pro League and The V did more than enough to make up for it. Without any further adu, here’s the Weekend Update.



Starting off with Saturday’s episode of the NASL, gamers were treated to some amazing games. The first match saw Brat_OK going up against ROOT Catz. Going all the way to three games, Catz fought hard but just couldn’t hold out against the Russian monster that is Brat_OK. Match two was between Team Liquid’s Ret and the meching Terran Goodie. Ret was on top of his game and shut Goodie down 2-0. Game three was a TvT between SeleCT and coL.Stalife. Unfortunately for Stalife, things just weren’t going his way and ultimately SeleCT won 2-0. Game four saw HasuObs crush Machine, continuing the 2-0 theme of the night. The last match of Saturday saw the Kratos Protoss MC take on StarTale’s ACE. Apparently ACE had the Titans on his side allowing him to shut down MC 2-0.

Sunday’s episode started off with the Taiwanese Zerg Sen vs. the American Terran PainUser. Sen’s aggressive style was just too much for PainUser, allowing him to win 2-0. Game two saw the infamous Zerg IdrA take down Mouz.MaNa 2-0. Game three was a TvT between the Italian beast Cloud and the Canadian monster Drewbie. Cloud proved to be too much for Drewbie taking him down 2-0. Game four saw none other than “The Emperor” SlayerS_BoxeR vs. the Korean Zerg Zenio. “The Emperor” tried his best, but ultimately fell to Zenio 2-1. The last match of the weekend was Liquid`Tyler vs. Socke. Despite his best efforts the American Protoss Tyler just couldn’t hold out against Socke’s aggressive Protoss style. Socke won 2-1.


IGN Pro League

IPLThis weekend was the conclusion of season 1 of the IGN Pro League. The semi-finals, held on Saturday, saw IdrA take on SeleCT. In a stunning back and forth series, IdrA’s usage of Brood Lords proved too powerful for SeleCT, allowing him to move onto the finals with a score of 3-2. This loss put SeleCT down in the losers bracket where he was forced to take on ROOT Gaming’s KiWiKaKi. Despite his best efforts, SeleCT just couldn’t get past KiWiKaKi. With a final result of 3-2, ROOTKiWiKaKi moved onto the finals where he faced off against Idra.

The final match started out pretty rough for IdrA. He lost the first two matches, and even allowed KiWiKaKi to get a MotherShip out on the field. Despite this two game deficit, IdrA managed to get his head back in the game winning out the last three matches, making him the Season 1 champion of the IGN Pro League.


The V

The 14th edition of The V featured current champion Spanishiwa and his unique Zerg style going toe-to-toe with Fnatic’s Terran player KawaiiRice. Much like last week’s edition, KawaiiRice managed to take Spanishiwa to game six, but was unable to overcome the new Zerg phenom’s style. Congratulations to Spanishiwa on becoming a three-time champion of The V. If he wins this week’s edition, he’ll be tied up with coL.CrunCher for longest winning streak in The V. Be sure to tune in this Friday to see if Spanishiwa has it in him.