Weekend Update: March 18th-20th

BY Andrew Miesner / March 21, 2011

Weekend Update: March 18th-20th

by Alex “Yeunanimous” Yue

One of the tell tale signs that eSports is growing around the world is the flood of events happening each and every weekend. In an attempt to inform our visitors of all these events, we at CompLexity Gaming have decided to start a new series called called the Weekend Update. In the Weekend Update you can find a quick run down of events from the weekend, plus any news and results from them. Obviously, if you’re not the biggest fan of spoilers, you may want to avoid this.


GSL March Finals

First off there was the GSL March finals. Despite all the hype leading up to this match, the results were one sided. ST_JulyZerg may be a StarCraft: Brood War legend, but at the finals, oGsMC made him look like a noob. The final score was 4-1, with July taking one game by countering MC’s Forge fast expand by dropping Hydralisks and Roaches into his main. One thing that is worth noting about these matches is that MC never once made a Colossus, a staple in the Protoss vs. Zerg match up.



Another big SC2 event that happened this weekend was the start of the Team Liquid Star League. Spanning two days and featuring sixteen of the worlds greatest players, the TSL3 saw some of the most exciting games of SC2 yet. In the interest of time, I will not recap each game, however you can see the results in the bracket below. For the VODs and in-depth discussion from day one, click here. For the VODs and discussion of day two, click here. Also, be sure to tune into the next matches in the round of 32, one of which features our very own CrunCher taking on EG’s Idra. Those matches will be airing on March 26th and 27th at 2:00PM EST.



Justin.tv Invitational #2

This weekend also saw the conclusion to the Justin.tv Invitational #2. The final match was between two Protoss players, Attero and Sockeh. Sockeh initially won 3-2, sending Attero to the losers bracket. From there Attero beat rox.kis.brat_ok 3-1, allowing him another shot at Sockeh. Unfortunately for Attero, Sockeh was able to come out ahead and win with a decisive score of 3-0.



GOMtv Global SC2 Team League

Lastly, the second outing of GOMtv’s Global StarCraft II Team League began on Sunday night. Gamers were treated to two matches; Team IM vs. ZenNEX and FOU vs. Team SCV Life. Starting out with IM vs. ZeNEX, IM’s Zerg superstar Losira (winner of this past GSL Code A tournament) was able to pull out an “all kill.” What was interesting was that ZeNEX didn’t send out any of thier GSL players (Kyrix and Byun).

Moving on to FOU vs. Team SCV Life, the audience was treated to highly competitive match, with Team SCV Life winning the match by the score of 4-2. Unlike the IM vs. ZeNEX games, both FOU and Team SCV Life sent out their heavy hitters. Gamers got to see Leenock sC and The Best from team FOU as well as Fruitdealer and Alive from team SCV Life. For a complete breakdown of both matches, click here.

Those were the major events of this past weekend. Let us know what you think of this new Weekend Update article series by leaving a comment below. If you know of an event that is happening that may not be on our radar, feel free to drop up a comment with a link to the event. If there’s enough interest, chances are it will make it into next week’s edition of the Weekend Update.