Weekend Update: May 13th – 15th

BY Andrew Miesner / May 16, 2011

On top of the NASL and The V, this past weekend also included the finals of the TeamLiquid Starleague 3. Featuring ThorZaIN vs. NaNiwa, eSports fans were treated to one of the most memorable series in SC2 history. But enough about that, here’s your Weekend Update.


Starting off with Saturday’s episode of the NASL, the first match saw Brat_OK going up against HasuObs. In a pretty one-sided match, HasuObs took down Brat_OK 2-0. Match two was between the meching Terran Goodie and Evil Geniuses’ Machine. Despite his best efforts Machine got taken down 2-1. Game three was a PvT between two-time GSL Code S champion oGsMC and compLexity’s own Stalife. Unfortunately for Stalife, things just weren’t going his way and ultimately MC won 2-1. Game four saw StarTale’s Ace take on ROOT Gaming’s Catz. Ace’s killer Protoss style was just too much for Catz, allowing him to win 2-1. The last match of Saturday saw SeleCT get taken out by Ret with a final score of 2-1.

Sunday’s episode started off with Socke crushing Drewbie 2-0. Game two was a TvP between PainUser and Tyler. Unfortunately for PainUser, Tyler beat him 2-0, making his record in the NASL 0:5. Game three saw the Korean Zerg Zenio crush the Terran Cloud 2-0. Game four saw everyones favorite player “The Emperor” SlayerS_BoxeR vs. the Protoss MaNa. “The Emperor” looked like his old self and easily dealt with MaNa with a final score of 2-1. The last match of the weekend was a ZvZ between Sen and IdrA. Sen beat IdrA with a final score of 2-1.


As I mentioned above, this weekend saw the final match of the TSL3. This epic TvP series between ThorZaIN and NaNiwa is easily some of the best StarCraft II the world has ever seen. NaNiwa had no trouble winning the first three games, putting ThorZaIN firmly up against the ropes. Somehow ThorZaIN managed to keep his head in the game and win the next four games making him champion of the TSL3.

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The V

The 16th edition of The V featured current champion Sixjax.Terran going toe-to-toe with the fearsom Protoss player FXoptikzero. In an extremely close match which went all the way to seven games, FXoptikzero managed to claw his way to a win making him champion of The V.

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