Welcome AskJoshy to coL Staff!

BY Andrew Miesner / January 7, 2011

As we usher in 2011, The Syndicate is pleased to announce that we will be continuing our efforts to support the Starcraft 2 community by expanding our presence in the space and announcing exciting projects that will require solid commentating. Thus, we are very excited to announce the acquisition of Josh “AskJoshy” Sutherland as the voice of compLexity’s SC2 projects.  Josh will be helping us kick off several Starcraft 2 productions that will enable the coL Community to get the very best SC2 entertainment in the game.

About Josh Sutherland

Josh is 24 years old and currently lives just outside Charleston, South Carolina. He got his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a minor in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of South Carolina Honors College and has been putting it to use ever since he graduated in 2008. Josh has been producing StarCraft II media since February 2010 and has not slowed down for a moment! In addition to streaming live events, showmatches, and tournaments for several months as part of iCCup TV, Josh has also recorded nearly two hundred VODs on his YouTube channel: AskJoshy. He has attended every Major League Gaming event since StarCraft II was added to their schedule and interviewed many top players including IdrA, TLO, qxc, TT1, and more! He has been a very active member of the StarCraft II community and will continue to be until Blizzard calls it quits!

Twitter: AskJoshy
Website: AskJoshy.com

Welcome Josh here and stay tuned for exciting SC2 action in the near future!