Welcome coL.br!

BY Andrew Miesner / September 13, 2010

The Syndicate is thrilled to announce that we have decided upon a course of action for our Counter-Strike 1.6 division and secured a group of young men that we strongly feel can uphold the compLexity tradition of success in the title. In doing so, we have extended our player family from North America to South America and are pleased to welcome the squad previously known as FireGamers, now known as compLexity.Brazil, or coL.br.

It has always been a top priority of our organization to maintain a world class Counter-Strike squad that is able to represent compLexity Gaming and the coL Community with skill, professionalism and class. We have long respected the players involved and as avid Counter-Strike fans we often discussed bringing on FireGamers so that they would be able to attend more international events. For nearly a year we have been in contact with the team as they respectfully and patiently awaited the opportunity to tag up coL.br. Now the time has come and we are extremely excited to announce our new roster:

Bruno “bit” Fukuda Lima
Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo de Alcantara
Renato “nak” Nakano
Bruno “Bruno1j” Ono
Lincoln “fnx” Lau

When asked for comment, Jason Lake stated:


“We couldn’t be happier with this decision. We believe this group of players has the right mixture of skill, attitude, and dedication to be a top contender on the global scene if given the right support. The fact that the squad has maintained a stable roster during a difficult time displays a loyalty that’s hard to find these days. We have high expectations and are hopeful that more international events will only make them better over time.

Also, it is still our wish to field another North American team in the future. Since our return from CGS we have diligently tried to find success but it has proved elusive. If the right opportunity arises we will not hesitate to support two Counter-Strike squads, but as of right now coL.br will represent The Syndicate in 1.6.”


We encourage the coL Community to welcome the new players as only you can. We would also like to welcome the throng of loyal Brazilian fans to the coL Community. You are very welcome here and we look forward to conducting fan centered activities both in the United States and in Brazil.

Thanks as always for your support!



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*Images courtesty of MIBR & FG-Gaming