Welcome compLexity Canada

BY Andrew Miesner / July 21, 2009

coL.ca formed; C3 out

Today The Syndicate is happy to announce a big change in our active roster. First and foremost, for the first time in our history we are honored to be represented by a Canadian lineup, formerly Sway Gaming, now known as compLexity Canada or coL.ca. Over the years our large and fiercely loyal Canadian fanbase has continually asked why we haven’t fielded a squad to compete at WCG Canada. This year, when the opportunity arose to obtain what we feel is the best squad in the region, we made the move.
Welcome the following players to the compLexity Family:
Armeen ‘a2z’ Toussi
Wilson Ryan “ryennn” Chen
Dave “heller” Marentette
Matt “adr” Caverly
Pedro “YaYooo-” Morim
The group will take the place of coL.C3 in our organization. The Creative Complexity Challenge, held earlier this year, was a tremendous success.  The current roster was offered the chance to compete at the highest level with the best support. Unfortunately, and despite the fact that all the players are great individuals, the team was unable to take advantage of this opportunity and has been released.  coL.ca has been signed in its place and it is our fervent wish that the Creative Complexity Challenge 2010 produces a squad that is more eager to take advantage of the opportunity.
Wish coL.ca the best of luck as they work hard to prepare for WCG Canada and other upcoming professional events!