Welcome compLexity HoN!

BY Andrew Miesner / July 24, 2011

Today compLexity Gaming is happy to announce that we have added another division to our championship gaming family: Heroes of Newerth!

HoN is a hugely popular RTS title similar to Warcraft III and DoTA. Despite the fact the game debuted just over a year ago, there were 500,000 active players in June of this year.

HoN is quickly becoming a solid title in eSports and we are thrilled to announce that we have contracted one of the very best teams to represent the coL Community: DWi (a/k/a Deal With It). DWi is currently ranked as a top 3 global team by most observers and is taking on Fnatic.MSI for the HoN TS4 Invitational Championship today.

coL.HoN is:

Matthew “jaH`” Penaroza
Chad “Tarano” Muller
Kan “AMXzaku” Johnson
Josh “Paintitgold” Amos
Brendan “Se`Busca” Taveirne
Alan “Kiwikid” Huan Nguyen
Trent “Slickz” Tucker

We’re very excited to have this squad as part of the compLexity Syndicate and ask everyone to welcome them here! We also welcome the vibrant HoN community to our online home. Please feel free to follow us on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. Thanks as always for your support!

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