Welcome New Staff

BY Andrew Miesner / January 19, 2011

Last week, we announced 3 new staffers that would be contributing to our Starcraft II push.  To keep things moving along, we’re very excited to announce the pickups of some more staffers that are dedicated to making your compLexity SC2 experience the best it can possibly be. 

Please welcome:

Derek “Redav” Coombes

Derek Coombes is currently an 18 year old from Brampton, Ontario, Canada. He has been in the eSports scene since 2005, and has a true passion for video games. He started off playing games from the Star Wars franchise, and then moved to Counter-Strike in 2006. After playing a couple of seasons of CAL for the clan Soul Reapers, he decided to take a short hiatus from competitive gaming. After playing StarCraft at lunch with friends, Derek was excited to hear the release of StarCraft 2. After dabbling in commentary and playing the game competitively, he decided to write news articles for none other than compLexity Gaming.


Daniel “Sheekthief” Coreano

Daniel has been gaming all his life, playing mostly first person shooters. He has started out with Halo:CE for PC and has moved all throughout the times to Team Fortress. He has always been a shooter fan. Now, with the release of StarCraft 2 Beta, he was able to grab himself a key and is now just having fun. Playing the zerg race, he considers himself to be decently good and aspires to be a top player eventually. He knows that it’s going to be a challenge though, as he does commentary with his crew over at RageQuit.TV.


Please welcome Daniel and Derek to the staff and be sure to stay tuned to the site as 2011 will be full of action and professional gaming entertainment!


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