Welcome Stephano to compLexity SC2

BY Andrew Miesner / September 18, 2011


Within the last hour Team Millennium announced that Stephano was remaining with their organization despite the fact he executed a legally binding contract with compLexity.  We are extremely disappointed by this turn of events and are seeking more information while we evaluate our legal options with French counsel.  By no means do we want a player who does not want to be part of our organization but we can simply not allow players and organizations to completely disrespect the legal contractual process that ensures stability in our evolving sport. 


Today compLexity Gaming is thrilled to announce the newest member of coL.SC2: Ilyes “Stephano” Satouri.  Ilyes, a French Zerg player, is considered one of the best players in Europe.

Jason Bass, Chief Operating Officer of compLexity Gaming, had the following to say:


We have been talking to Stephano for quite some time and today we are thrilled to announce he will be joining our family.  We all look forward to seeing him at IPL and MLG Orlando next month.  It is our hope that this addition is another strong sign of our dedication to the global StarCraft community.  With the coL.MVP, the compLexity Academy, THE V and coL.SC2 we are optimistic about the future and encourage our fans around the world to get on board and support StarCraft 2.


Stephano stated:


I’m very happy to join coL.  It’ll be a whole new experience for me and I’m confident I’ll enjoy my whole time with the team.


You can learn more about Stephano on his TL FanClub.

With our new teammate, we also need to announce the releases of coL.Firezerg and coL.Stalife.  Both are great guys and amazing friends and we are sad to see them go.  Best wishes to them in the future!

Please welcome Stephano to the compLexity Syndicate Family!


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