WEM: Fnatic Dispute EG, Na`Vi to LB Finals

BY Andrew Miesner / November 5, 2010

In what turned out to be another exciting day of action at the World e-Sports Masters 2010 tournament, only 3 teams remain standing. SK has advanced to the Grand Finals with a win over We Made Fox, while Na`Vi and FX will look to battle it out in the lower bracket finals to determine who will meet SK tomorrow.

Yesterday, EG took down Fnatic in a match that ended up going a full 3 overtimes. EG managed to take the match after a successful 1 vs. 1 between Lurrpis from EG and fnatic’s Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg. After the match had taken place, both teams left for the day, however Fnatic returned later to approach the WEM admins about a possible dispute against EG. Video from Fragbite.se was uploaded that showed EG’s Danny “fRoD” Montaner using his mouse to enable his push-to-talk key for Mumble/Vent while he was dead. During this time, he also happened to be looking in the direction of a projector that was, for whatever reason, in plain sight of the players. The video shows fRoD whispering “instructions” to Lurrpis regarding the movements of f0rest. Unfortunately for Fnatic, the rules state that disputes must be submitted within 5 minutes of the match being played. The video of the actions in question can be found below:



In the third match of the day, Na`Vi and EG squared off on de_tuscan. Na`Vi jumped out to a quick start, taking the pistol round and most of the rounds that followed, only allowing the Americans to grab 2 rounds successfully in their 13-2 first half route of EG. In the second half, it was all Na`Vi yet again as they managed to secure the pistol round and march to victory by grabbing 2 more rounds to finish off EG with a 16-3 score.

With this win, Na`Vi has advanced to the Lower Bracket Finals where they will take on Frag Executors, a team that lost to We Made Fox in the 2nd round of the Upper Brackets, but managed to successfully take down Tyloo earlier today. The match is scheduled to take place at 4:45AM EST.