WEM: Fnatic & EG Fall to Lower Bracket

BY Andrew Miesner / November 3, 2010

The first day of action at the World Extreme Masters 2010 in Hangzou, China has come to an end and Fnatic and EG are two of the four teams that find themselves in the lower bracket going into day 2.

EG and We Made Fox went head to head on de_inferno to kick off the third match of the day. After finishing 2nd at e-Stars 2010, WMF looked to be at the top of their game and as confident as ever as they completely demolished EG in all facets of the game. As Terrorists, WMF took round after round, finishing with an 11-4 half behind strong play from Bum-Gi “peri” Jung. In the second half, it was all WMF as they took the remaining rounds to end the match at 16-4. With this loss, EG finds themselves in the lower bracket going into day 2 of the event.

Fnatic took on the Frag eXecutors in the last match of the day as they faced off on de_nuke. Taking the opening pistol, Fnatic looked to be out to a good start, but that was all that FX would give them as they completely demolished the Swedes for the remainder of the half, with a score of 12-3 in favor of FX. In the second half, Fnatic managed to climb back into the match, even after dropping the 2nd half pistol. Fnatic grabbed 7 additional rounds to make the score 14-10 before FX bucked down and finished them off by the score of 16-10, making Fnatic the final team to join the remaining 3 in the lower bracket.

EG and Fnatic will face off tomorrow in their lower bracket match, where one of the two teams will be eliminated.

Image courtesy of HLTV.org