WEM Prize Distribution

BY Andrew Miesner / October 12, 2010

Yesterday we announced that the World Esports Masters tournament would be hosting their 2010 tournament at the Hangzhou Electronic Science and Technology University in Hangzhou, China, from November 3rd to the 7th.

Today, the organizers have announced the official prize distribution. Surprisingly, even with a $25,000 increase in the prize purse, it has been determined that the winning team will actually be receiving less money than last year. However, with this change, all teams will receieve $4,000 upon their arrival in China.

Prize Distribution

1st – $22,000
2nd – $11,000
3rd –  $8,500
4th –  $7,500
5th – $6,000
6th – $6,000
7th – $4,000
8th – $4,000