WEM: SK Sends Na`Vi to LB, EG Over Fnatic

BY Andrew Miesner / November 4, 2010

In an exciting day of action on day 2 of the World Extreme Masters in Hangzou, China, Na`Vi finds themselves in the lower bracket while EG inches closer to the lower bracket finals.

In one of the first matches of the day, EG squared off against Fnatic in the lower bracket on de_dust2. With Fnatic starting on the Terrorist side, they were in a place to build a lead going into the second half, but EG managed to keep it close, only allowing Fnatic to grab an expected 9 rounds, a typical score-line for the map. In the second half, with EG on the Terrorist side, Fnatic managed to extend their lead, however EG buckled down and stopped them in their tracks to make the score 15-15 and require an overtime to determine the winner.

Three overtimes were needed to finally name EG the victor as they took the final OT by the score of 4-2, making the final score 25-23, sending Fnatic packing.

SK-Gaming faced off against Na`Vi on de_train after a successful day for both teams yesterday. In the first half, Na`Vi rolled over a floundering SK team, ending the half by the score of 12-3. It looked to be all over for SK, however Johan “face” Klasson was not ready to quit. SK roared back against the Ukrainian powerhouse to take every single round of the second half, making SK victorious by the score of 16-12.

With the results from today, EG will take on Na`Vi in the lower bracket and SK will take on We Made Fox, who won earlier today against FX.

Image courtesy of HLTV.org