WGF Shoots Back

BY Andrew Miesner / February 8, 2011

Just couple days ago, it was announced that 4 teams had decided to cancel their participation in the World Gaming Festival that was to be held in Montenegro. Unfortunately, the 4 teams that left were some of the power houses that were expected to play at the tournament, with names such as SK Gaming, ALTERNATE, Meet Your Makers, and DarkPassage choosing to rather not attend and focus on more important tournaments such as the upcoming Intel Extreme Masters World Championship.

According to HLTV.org another team eSrael has also decided to drop out of the competition citing ALTERNATE and MYM as convincing them to not attend.

After we talked to Alternate & MYM – we remove our participation in the WGF.


The amount of teams who left have caused a drastic change in the prize pool that was up for grabs at the tournament, and to adjust for the sudden lack of teams the prize money was changed from having €10,000 to a much more dismal €6,750. The frustration felt has left a sour taste in WGF organizers as they have issued a statement criticizing some of the teams for deciding to not attend.

We didn’t expect the lack of professionalism of the teams such as MYM and ALTERNATE which are the main source of false stories about us.


Group B will be playing first over the first two days of the tournament, to decide who will advance to play in Group A, to resolve the conflict with the number of teams at the tournament.