Whats Next?

BY Andrew Miesner / January 15, 2009

By: Andy “fro” Popkin

This is an editorial piece.  The opinions in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of compLexity Gaming.

So lets see… CGS is dead, our 1.6 team deserted us, and we have no sponsors. I’m pretty sure thats a good reason to call it quits, right? Well my friend JLake somehow turned that scenario into, “Let’s start all over again!” So now here we are, v4 is FINALLY here and according to the topic in #compLexity there is big news coming. What could possibly happen to this 2004 Winter CPL underdog team known as the compLexity Syndicate?

First of all, to have a gaming team you sort of need some people to play the video games. There have been lots of rumors floating around about who may or may not be in the next compLeixty 1.6 line-up. I will leave it up to y’all to deliberate over the next couple days. Personally, I have no idea what players are joining, but I got a feeling the team is not going to be up to “Syndicate” par until March or April. You all can flame all you want, but later on this year and next year.. BETTER WATCH THE F#$^ OUT!

There is going to be more than just 1.6 with compLexity. Honestly I do not know the games, but I think Jake told me FIFA and a fighting game to start, but don’t quote me on that. Along with the other games will OBVIOUSLY be the players. Regardless whoever they are, they will be good, trust me.

Now to this thing we like to call v4. Isn’t it nice? I myself am still finding stuff to click on, and I know for a fact that v4.1 is in the works. That should be even better. The staff is finally getting settled in, so expect a lot of stuff to start popping up all over the site. We have people hunting for the hottest demos and videos for the newly acquired NoobFlicks. There is the normal stuff like articles, forums, etc. We are hoping to be the one stop shop in gaming news, so let’s see how much our fan base can expand over the next few months.


Oh yeah, and the most important thing (to some of us) is that we are in talks with sponsors! Ever since the CGS started paying everyone, many players are now money hungry and won’t play for free.  Along with travel, the website, and some pocket lining, teams need a lot of cash nowadays to stay running. Jake does not have the sort of funding he used to, so we are relying heavily on sponsor cash this time around. Let’s hope the next day or two brings good news 😉

I think we should all give a round of applause to the one and only Jlake.  No one else would have stuck around in his shoes. Ever since the start of this team he has fought to keep one group of people happy, his fans (that’s you).  And his old players but who cares
about them…

Well.. I got nothing else to tell y’all, except stick around the next few days. The news most of you have been waiting for is on the way.  And now the team that Jason (who left my cal-o team to make compLexity) has put his heart into is coming back from quite possibly the worst thing that could happen to any team in any sport.

Will we succeed? Winter 2004 anyone? PEACE