WhiteRa to Korea?

BY Andrew Miesner / January 24, 2011

Oleksii “White-Ra” Krupnyk has been a notorious player around the European Starcraft scene, and has many years of experience under his belt. Considered one of the greatest European players currently in the scene, even at the age of 30, and with a wife back at home he continues to game, for the sake of his love for E Sports.

With his many acheivements in Starcraft 2 such as a second place at the recent Intel Extreme Masters European Championship finals, 1st place at HomeStory Cup #2, and 1st place at ROOT Gaming’s Warzone, it seems to many players that the Ukrainian should travel to Korea to compete in the most prestigious Starcraft 2 competition currently in the scene; Gom TV’s Global Starcraft 2 League.

However, White-Ra is currently 50-50 on his decision on whether to go to Korea or not, as revealed by a recent interview by fragster.de.

Can you tell us something about the eSports scene in the Ukraine? Is eSports widely known in the Ukraine?

White-Ra: “This time the situation is good, because you can see Na’Vi as well as good Starcraft 2 players and especially because we have this club. Of course we are not as big as Germany or similar countries, but we can show good games, good results and good organisation work as far as cybersport tournaments and teams and other things go.”

Now that you are married, how does your wife deal with this situation? Does she support you a lot, or is it difficult when you have to train for an an event or something and don’t have enough time to be with your wife?

White-Ra: “Sure, she supports me very well. Sometimes we go together to a tournament like DreamHack. She came with me and she liked Sweden and my friends there very much. So I might go to Korea for the next GSL, which I don’t know yet, it’s like 50/50, but if I go to Korea, we will go together, me and my wife.”

Read the full interview here.