Who is coL.CrunCher?

BY Andrew Miesner / March 28, 2011

SK-Gaming has recently posted a “Who is coL.CrunCher” article, detailing CrunCher’s upset win over EG’s Idra yesterday during the TSL3 Day 4 Round of 32. The win has sparked a momentus debate in the SC2 community as well as the beginning of a new meme in the esports world, with the now infamous :).


Down goes Goliath

Smack in the middle of Tennessee, an up and coming American Protoss dubbed Cruncher just beat one of the greatest and most infamous American players of all time.

Idra’s 1-2 fall to a person he’d been publicly antagonizing only recently led to an explosion of emotional reactions from fans all over the world. Many fans were ecstatic with the Protoss win and happily danced on Idra’s grave. Others defended their fallen Zerg hero and attacked Cruncher’s play and behavior.

Twitter, Facebook, Team Liquid, Reddit and every corner of the StarCraft universe felt the weight of ten thousand nerds screaming out. Team Liquid went offline instantly and Reddit followed shortly thereafter.

The winner, Cruncher, has just expanded his fan base tenfold. Although his resume includes convincing recent wins over the likes Kas, Sjow, Inca and more, it is this win over Idra which the world will remember as his coming out moment. It is this win that sponsors will hear about.


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