WICKED eSports acquires HoT and ToD

BY Andrew Miesner / March 5, 2009

HoTnToDWICKED eSports has announced they will once again test the Warcraft III scene by acquiring two of the games best players, Mykhaylo ‘HoT’ Novopashyn and Yoan ‘ToD’ Merlo former members of EYE Sports and Gravitas Gaming.

When WICKED eSports lost their entire WC3 team that had qualified for the WC3L Season XV they decided to secure the services of both HoT and ToD after both could not find a team as Gravitas Gaming closed their doors to a WC3 team.

Both players will not be able to compete for WICKED eSports in their upcoming matches in WC3L according to Rule IX.f.

Clans may only acquire players from other WC3L clans in the week before the playdays 1, 5 and 9. Players acquired outside of one of the transfer periods may only play after the next transfer period has passed.

Source: SK Gaming