Winners Announced – 5th Annual Halloween Photoshop Contest

BY Andrew Miesner / October 15, 2009


After a week of voting, the winners have been decided! Congratulations to all of the winners and finalists and thank you to all of the fans that entered!

1st by Cyrad
2nd by Katalyst
3rd by LectR

In order to claim your prize, please send a private message to coL|aMies by clicking here


The finalists have been chosen. In order to keep the contest as unbiased as possible, all final entries have been renamed and uploaded to our website. To vote for your favorite, visit this link


The Syndicate is thrilled to announce the return of our famous Halloween Photoshop Contest!  Our 5th Annual event is sponsored by Creative, XFX and Puretrak and is the first to feature the new compLexity line-up!

How to enter

– Choose any picture from one of our 10 LATEST photo galleries
– Photoshop the picture into a Halloween theme (“costumes” are a Halloween theme)
– Post the picture on an image sharing site (Example)
– Post the link to your picture in this thread


1st. XFX HD4890 Video Card, coL Pad, Authentic coL Jersey, coL Hoodie
2nd. Creative XFI Sound Card, coL Hoodie, coL Hat
3rd. coL Hoodie, coL Hat


The final date to enter the contest is Monday, October 26th at 11 PM EST.  At this time, all entries will be evaluated by coL Staff and the top entries will be chosen for a public vote. That poll will end on October 31st at 5 PM EST.  You may enter as often as you wish, but each user is only eligible to win once. Offensive entries will get you banned from the website.


Thanks for participating and best of luck to everyone!


*photo submitted by exaN for the 2008 contest