Winout.cs Goes Independent

BY Andrew Miesner / April 13, 2009

Earlier today it had come to the attention of many that WinOut would be losing their Counter-Strike team. It appeared that the players had detagged and joined a different channel announcing their new line-up. We got a hold of one of the players for a statement.

We thank WinOut for giving us the opportunity to play under their name for as long or as short as we did. Doug Jacobson is a great manager and is doing a great job with his website but at this time we felt that it would be best for both sides to go our seperate ways. – Liridon ‘quas’ Ademaj, Player

Currently the team will be playing under the name DELTA ELITE FORCE with the line-up below.

Kevin ‘aZn‘ Wang
Michael ‘chE‘ Guevara
Liridon ‘quas‘ Ademaj
Scott ‘evolution‘ Cavallero
Dan ‘mehLer‘ Mehler



Winout has posted a piece on their site stating unprofessional behavior was behind the release:

WinOut Counter-Strike, formerly known as Frag Dominant and EG.usa has been removed from the organization following a series of unprofessional behavior.  The team, which was quite capable of going the distance in-game had achieved recognition immediately, winning ETS 2009 and beating the top 3 American teams in online leagues, including a 16-0 victory over X3O Gaming in ESEA-Invite.  However, WinOut is dedicated to our long term goals regarding the progression of eSports, and will not support any team that is not inline with those goals.

When asked about the unexpected changes, Doug Jacobson had this to say, “The team was aboslutely incredible in-game, but professional gaming requires a lot more than the ability to win matches.  You need a certain marketability to obtain sponsorship and a fan base for the long term.  Sadly, this team just doesn’t have the skills or the professionalism required to do so.”  He went on to say,Personally, I think it’s a waste of talent.”

Source: Winout