wNv.cn is no more?

BY Andrew Miesner / December 20, 2009

Some stories and reports have popped up listing that the roster under the wNv organization is no more.

After attending the World eSports Masters, wNv.cn’s contracts had expired. Many believe that their winless performance at WEM, as well as their lackluster results before that might be cause for the organization to seek new talent elsewhere and avoid renewing the former roster.

While it’s been noted elsewhere that nothing has been made official by wNv just yet, there are a few sources that have suggested that the situation is still murky at best, and that the roster has indeed left the organization.

Stay tuned for more information on this story as it develops.

The wNv.cn roster is/was as follows:

Jiang “Virgo” Qian
Bin “Savage” Liu
Yi “zy” Zhou
Biaohong “rita” Huang
Yunlong “BB” Wang