wooSai Announces 2009 Roster

BY Andrew Miesner / February 2, 2009

The german organization known as wooSai has announced its Counter-Strike team for 2009. If you don’t remember who wooSai is, its more than likely due to the long absence the organization has taken. However, with all of the excitment that 1.6 has had in the previous weeks, wooSai thought it only fit to get in on the action!

The former Vulkanclan of Finn “karrigan” Andersen, Nicolaj “Nuggi” Larsen, Bardi “bardi” Haraldsson, Marc “nexiz” Woolrych, and Shervin “zhrv1N” Rafiie will now fly under the wooSai banner. Also, former player Magnus “pzyclone” Hansen will be moving to a managerial role on the team.

Upcoming events for the team will consist of SEAS(Scandinavian Electronic Amateur Series) and HK-LAN and KWAZQ, which will have some of the best teams in the nation of Denmark.

The following is the current roster for wooSai:

Finn ‘karrigan’ Andersen
Nicolaj ‘Nuggi’ Larsen
Bardi ‘bardi’ Haraldsson
Marc ‘nexiz’ Woolrych
Shervin ‘zhrv1N’ Rafiier

Source: GotFrag