World Elite crowned WC3L champions!

BY Andrew Miesner / January 13, 2009

After a really even and nail biting final WE has managed to beat SK for the WC3L title.

SK was able to win the first matchup with a close 3-2 score much thanks to ReMinD who played really well versus Sky and managed to win 2-1. In the second match Sky and Infi managed once again to win the team of ReMinD and SoJu. SoJu however continued to play well and beat Sky shortly after 2-0. After wins by Lyn and TeD the game was once again tied at 2-2 and SK’s newest player viOlet had to step up and play, however Infi proved that he was the better player and won the match 2-0 and WE was crowned WC3L champions.

SK then beat MYM in the consolation final thanks to ReMinD and SoJu who won their 2on2 match with some great team-play. In the other matchups in the game, both super-orcs Lyn and Grubby managed to win their matches (against Susiria and ReMinD) and Moon managed to squeeze a 2-1 victory in a mirror match against SoJu. ReiGn continued to play very good this tournament and managed to beat Soccer 2-1.

Final standings

World Elite
SK Gaming