WoW 2009 Arena Tourney

BY Andrew Miesner / February 10, 2009

Blizzard has officially announced the return of their World of Warcraft Arena Tournament for 2009. After a great turnout last year of some high-competitive action, Blizzard decided to that the players and fans deserved another go around. Signups will start next week and will be in the same 3v3 format that least years event had.

Prizes this year are definitly nothing to turn your nose up at either. With $200,000 and other elaborative in-game items such as a Armored Murloc vanity pet and a new player title called “Vanquisher” available to all winning participants. Registration for the tournament costs around £12 and grants access to the tournament realms for a total of six weeks. All participating players will be given level 80 characters and all the goodies go along with them.

Currently the tournament has only been announced for European players.


Source: SK-Gaming