WoW and Females

BY Andrew Miesner / April 10, 2009

Once again Nielsen has released a report and this time it is on the ages of females playing World of Warcraft. Nielsen stated that over 400,000 women are playing world of warcraft in the US, which means it is the most-played “core” game for that gender. Even more interesting, females 25 years or older make up the largest block of PC game players overall, and they account for 54.6% of all gameplay minutes in December of last year. Whoever said “Girls don’t just play WoW” was completely wrong as females are becoming one of it’s main demographic.

Neilsen also calculated some base stats for WoW, including the fact that 1.8 million unique people played the game, and the average time of gameplay per week was 744 minutes, just over 12 hours (slightly up from last year’s average). Additionally, of those who play World of Warcraft, their second most-played game was Solitaire, followed by Warcraft III.


Source: WoWinsider