WoW Arena Season 6 Starts April 22nd

BY Andrew Miesner / April 21, 2009

World of Warcraft Arena Season 6 starts tomorrow, April 22nd.

The latest 3.1 Patch has changed up gameplay considerably for the Arena. The sixth season is set to start on schedule: April 22nd. There have been a few changes to the Arena this season as teams will start at a rating of 0 instead of 1500. This will help teams so they can achieve a continuous progression as the season goes on.

Another change in the system is that some items seemed to be too difficult to obtain, therefore the rating requirements have been reevaluated and updated. This will make it a bit easier to purchase items with the rating requirement starting at 1250.

With the new season comes a new set of gear. Over at MMO-Champion, they have made a list of the gear which you can view here.

Source: GotFrag