x3o to Kode5 USA Finals

BY Andrew Miesner / February 9, 2009

Today it was announced that Team x3o has been selected as one of three invited teams to compete at the Kode5 USA Finals which are being held in Dallas, Texas on March 14th, 2009.

Thomas Kuhlenbach of Kode5 had this to say,

“X3O is one of the best teams in the entire US, with strong performances in previous tournaments. We are happy to have them compete at our final USA event of the season and help put on a great show for gaming fans everywhere.”


Owner of x3o, Nick Fitz, told Gotfrag.com:

“When you reach the level of competitive gaming that these guys are at, its very difficult to predict the outcome of matches. There are so many outside factors from rest, emotions, mental stamina to who is just hitting their shots that can affect the outcome. With that in mind, to really consider yourself the best you look at a team’s consistency. As an organization and as this CS team we have shown the most consistency of any North American team coming from November 2008 – Today. We haven’t had the opportunity to play EG.usa on LAN prior to this event, but with the amount of experience we have, there aren’t really too many surprises that can come our way.”


There are still two remaining invite spots open so stay tuned for the news as soon as it’s made public!



Source: Gotfrag.com