x6 Picks Up THPS

BY Andrew Miesner / February 18, 2011

With Tony Hawk Pro Skaters currently undefeated in the ESEA-Invite division, it was only a matter of time before questions would be raised about their ability to attend the LAN Playoffs and Finals, which will take place in late April of this year.

Fortunately for the team, Check Six gaming has announced that they will be signing the team and providing the financial support required to attend the events.

Curt “KeyHunt” Carter, had this to say about the pick up:


We are incredibly pleased to announce we have finally dived into the TF2 community. TF2 is an amazing game, with amazing developers and a community that refuses to be knocked down..for good reason. ESEA continues to be a thriving force in the community and we could not be more thrilled to be supporting it in another game. THPS is an absolute perfect fit for CheckSix. The team’s dedication, character, and competitiveness embody exactly what we want in our teams.  Additionally, with TF2 being one of the harder games to support from an organization perspective, we at x6 are glad to have the opportunity do our part to help the TF2 and e-sports community in general. This help would not be possible without our sponsors in Puretrak and End of Reality though.


The x6.TF2 roster is now:

Carson “Kalkin” Eades
David “oov” Mao
Andrew “Dave__AC” Cook
Anthony “harbleu” Ballo
Matt “vhalin” Bearslayer
Tyler “TLR” Morgan

More information about the aquisition can be found by clicking here.