x6tence Loses Two

BY Andrew Miesner / March 21, 2010

HLTV.org is reporting that Lucas “recki” Reckerman and David “r1bera” Antón will part ways with x6tence e-sports Club after the Electronic Sports League: Electronic Pro Series Finals, which will be held this upcoming weekend. recki, who joined x6tence back in November from ESC Gaming, has yet to make his first LAN appearance with the team. Below is a statement from recki, who spoke with wasd.se ealier, explaining what the future holds for x6tence  e-sports Club.

We have not talked about the future yet, no-one knows what the new x6tence line-up will be like, Reckerman told wasd.es. That will be thought about after the finals. For what I know, r1bera will stop playing, just like me. In these last few days I wanted to continue with x6 after the EPS, but now I have got a new job and I do not know if I will be able to practice and such, so I think that after EPS I will have to go. It will be a very sad day because I know we are capable of winning titles outside Spain with this team… but I prefer to sort out my social life/real life.


On the other hand, David “r1bera” Antón decided back in October, not to leave x6tence e-sports Club and to be part of the starting five, replacing Alberto “neptuNo” Molinillo temporarily.

x6tence current line-up:

  Antonio “FlipiN” Rivas
 Borja “GuMmY” González
 Christopher “poWer” Rodríguez
 David “r1bera” Antón
Lucas “recki” Reckerman