Xbox 360 Red Rings Fixed?

BY Andrew Miesner / March 1, 2009

In a recent report on Yahoo! Games, it seems as if the guys at Microsoft are finally confident that the days of the red-rings are over. Through different repairs and upgraded technology, The guys at MS feel that they have finally solved the problem. Here is the post from Engadget:

Is your Xbox 360 red in the face? No, not that kind of red, but facing that painstakingly loathsome red ring of death? Well, if group product manager Aaron Greenberg knows anything about the situation — and we’d imagine he does — then it looks like the guys at Microsoft have finally found a solution to many gamers’ worst nightmares. In an interview with Edge Online, Greenberg said that through repairs they’ve done as well as updated technology, the guys in Redmond are pretty confident that afflicted consoles should be nonexistent in the not so distant future and that they’ve “put the worst behind us on this.” So, breathe easy obsessive gamers, you needn’t worry about getting an infected console any more — we hope.

Is this the end of the dreaded red rings? We can only hope!

Source: Engadget