XFire Acquired by Titan

BY Andrew Miesner / August 4, 2010

In a recent announcement, social gaming platform XFire has been purchased by Titan Gaming from Viacom’s MTV Networks. Titan Gaming has stated that they plan to retain the current functionality of the service, however they plan to add features such as online betting and competitive tournaments related to their business model.

XFire was originally purchased in 2006 by MTV Networks for the sum of $106 million. With over 17,000,000 registered users and 180,000 concurrently online, XFire has proven itself to be one of the most popular gaming clients in the world. Though the client-base has deminished over the years, the addition of video streaming and recording has made XFire the all-in-one tool for gamer networking and social media.

Titan had the following to say on XFire’s website:


Titan will be taking on the Xfire name, with a focus towards ongoing innovation in the gaming space. The Xfire services will continue uninterrupted for its users. Xfire redefined how gamers communicate, Titan intends to build upon this tradition and utilize the Xfire platform to help gaming companies better engage their users. We look forward to continuing and expanding upon the Xfire service.


For more information on XFire, visit the Official XFire Website