XFX PSU Contest – Reply and Win!

BY Andrew Miesner / April 12, 2010


XFX and compLexity would like to thank everyone who entered our PSU contest.  The response was overwhelming and it was incredibly difficult to pick a winner.   Thanks very much to everyone.  Our winner is HuskyOps for his post called “The Po Gamer Boy.”


The Po’ Gamer Boy

There once was a a gamer boy, his story if I may
They once called the Po’ Gamer Boy, real name not display
The Po’ Gamer Boy lived atop a vast mountain
Where internet scarce, like a clogged old fountain

The Po’ Gamer Boy enjoyed his PC games
He had only a few, but carefully selected names
An old, dusty video card he ran, with just enough PSU power
Which all took place in a wooden PC tower!

The Po’ Gamer Boy was happy, when his system worked
But was wanting an upgrade for newer games, so he worked
A tough job down in the village, but was full of glee
One day his work would pay off, then goodbye BSOD!

The Po’ Gamer Boy’s parents saw his hard work, and gifted him
For his birthday an XFX RADEON HD 5830, which quite lifted him!
The Po’ Gamer Boy ran home with the card with great haste
As he said with great joy “There’s no time to waste!”

The Boy was home at last, and installed the shiny new card
The tower opened with a creak, and installation was not hard
But alas, once the Po’ Gamer Boy booted up the PC
You could not imagine what horror he did see!

The old PSU had failed its duty, and went up in smoke
The sparks, the smell, the smoke, “the Devil awoke!”
Shouted the Po’ Boy, when he cursed the component
He lay on the ground and cried, “Now I’ll never beat my opponent!”

That night the Po’ Gamer Boy prayed and prayed
For something to allow him back to the game he played
The next day, still teary-eyed and in great grief
He answers the knock-knock on his cabin door..”it’s Master Chief!!”

The Boy stood shocked, from him not a single SFX
And Master Chief: “I bear a gift, from the good people at compLexity and XFX”
The Boy’s prayers were answered, a hot new PSU
He thanked Master Chief, and installed it without further a-do!

He tossed the smoking heap, which caused him much grief
His system booted up, oh, what a relief!
The Po’ Gamer Boy once more was in the battle
Pistols, machine guns, even the good ol’ Atlatl!

So ends the story of a Po’ Gamer Boy that worked hard
His parents were poor, but bought him a new card
Then his prayers were answered, and set him free
And if you haven’t guessed yet, the Po’ Gamer Boy was me!

Good luck everyone!





Today we’d like to announce our next contest for you, the fans. Thanks to XFX, it has never been easier to win an awesome prize with amazingly little effort. The rules are quite simple and can be found below. Fans are competing to win an XFX 750W Black Edition PSU.



XFX 750W Black Edition Modular PSU (P1-750B-CAG9)

Designed specifically for the high performance gamer, the 750W Black Edition PSU supports multiple high-end graphics cards. Offering an array of unparalleled features, the 750W PSU delivers exceptional performance


* Specifically designd to support multiple, high-end graphic adapters
* Single, high-power +12V rail eliminates the problems associated with multiple +12V power distribution
* Industrial grade components insure high reliability and long life
* High efficiency not only helps protect the environment but also allows the XFX 750W PSU to run cool and quiet
* Combining both fixed and modular cables delivers superior performance and flexibility


* 750W of continuous power at 50°C
* Tight voltage regulation (±3%)
* High efficiency operation up to 88% (80 Plus Silver)
* Single, high power +12V rail (up to 62A/744W)
* DC to DC voltage Regulator modules for +3.3V and +5V
* High quality Japanese brand capacitors (105°C)
* Solid polymer caps provide enhanced reliability and stability
* Quiet 135mm ball bearing fan provides superior cooling
* Supports multiple high-end graphic adapters (NVIDIA SLI & ATI CrossFire Ready)
* Supports the latest ATX12V and EPS12V standards
* Active PFC with Universal AC input
* Detachable modular cables
* Energy Star 4.0 and RoHS compliant
* 5-Year Limited Warranty, subject to registration


In order to win, follow the rules below:


1. Reply to this thread with why you’d like to win this product.
2. Sit back and relax. You’ve submitted your entry!


The contest ends Saturday night at 10 EST.  Good luck to everyone!


(1 entry per registered user.  Complexity players and staff can participate but can not win. An XFX representitive will choose a winner. That user will be contacted and the winner announced on this post.  Void where prohibited.)


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