Xp3 Interviewed by ESEANews

BY Andrew Miesner / April 18, 2010

David “Xp3” Garrido has recently been interviewed by ESEANews following coL.cs’s win over EG in the Grand Finals of the CEVO-P Season 12 Playoffs. The interview discusses the preperation prior to the event, as well as the thoughts on the matches themselves. Below is an excerpt from the interview:


In the first match on de_inferno your team jumped off to an early lead which eventually led to an unprecedented 15-0 first half. Walk us through the key points of the half if you could, from the opening pistol round until you knew the map was yours to lose.

Well first of all everyone played really well on the CT side, a lot of rounds were close but we ended up winning them. We were just playing round by round trying not to think about the score and I think that was the right thing to do, just focusing on not getting too confident. On T side we could have closed the match by winning the pistol but we didn’t, however, when you’re leading 15-0 after the first half it’s really hard to doubt, so we kept playing our game knowing we would get the 1 round needed to close the map.

With de_inferno in the bag you moved onto the second and what would be the final map of the series, de_nuke. Once again you started off strong, this time on the terrorist side and took the first half 12-3 before finishing off the match 16-3. How were you able to dismantle their defense so easily, and how well did you prepare specifically for this finals match-up?

Since we started playing we feel pretty comfortable on nuke with our strats and everything so we just played our game like we do in practice and I’m glad it worked out that well. Like I said we just ran our strats, we didn’t really do anything special against them. Of course we all know a couple of things about how they play since we’ve played against them so many times with our past teams but we don’t focus on that, we just focus on our game.


You can read the full interview by clicking here