Xp3 Interviewed by Fnatic

BY Andrew Miesner / May 12, 2010

coL.cs’s own David “Xp3” Garrido has recently been interviewed by Fnatic. The interview takes a look at how David expects coL.cs to fair in Europe, as well as how he feels playing under the coL tag. An excerpt from the interview can be found below.


Right now compLexity is without a doubt within the American elite. Do you see compLexity being able to compete with the world powerhouse at these upcoming events? Do you think you might need a little time to gain some experience as a team playing against teams like fnatic, SK Gaming, and Frag eXecutors?

We might need some time to gain some experience as a team, that’s for sure. We are still pretty young as a team, however we are also experienced. We all have that individual experience acquired with our past teams, so we might be able to already compete against the top teams or at least give them a good challenge.”

You have been in many organizations and have a good view on how organizations should be handled. From your experience in Europe and North America, how do you compare the compLexity organization to other organizations you have been a part of?

I would say that compLexity is professional and the others are not. Simple as that. I’m not saying that the French organizations where I have played were bad, but it’s just two different worlds. I feel like the sponsors in America are way better, (talking about coL and EG) they really help us and they are behind us and they give us what we need to be on top.”


You can read the full interview by clicking here.