Yiska on the first 2 games

BY Andrew Miesner / January 9, 2010

Yiska on the first 2 games

by Sascha “Yiska” Heinsich

The first two games are now complete for the All-star tournament. I’m pretty sure everyone was pretty amazed when Numberone picked two Rogues and Sodah summoned himself a comp of Enhancement/Mage/Priest. On a side note, the decision to make it a best of 7 rather than the old best of 5 line up was a great move.

As expected the All-star tournament isn’t as high calibre and a lot of player are playing off classes which ultimately leads to a lower quality gameplay, but we were well aware of that. Still, it is very enjoyable seeing the old meta-gaming playstyle that we barely saw since WotLK was released.

In the first match of the tournament the team of coL.black’s Paladin Toez managed to beat Sodah‘ s team in a very close series with lots of switching of comps with a very confused Azael who obviously hasn’t touched his warrior in a while. The games were still pretty intense and sometimes where even turning into a mana game. I think it was a great move for Sodah’s team to go cleave and especially he himself really impressed me with his druid skills as he didn’t seem rusty at all. A fact that really leads me to believe that running Rogue/Lock/Druid tomorrow against some teams could be a good idea.

In the other matches we had Numberone’s odd team with two Rogues and a priest trying to cleave the enemy which ultimately didn’t turn out so well. coL.red’s Reckful and Realz were both running deep combat for the first couple of games and it seemed to be pretty succesful in the first one. Kollektiv’s team gets the drill though and after winning the second round after a pretty bad performance by Realz, the two Rogues felt forced to play Mutilate. The lack of communication between these two really shows as they really didn’t coordinate CC at all and just tried to zerg one target by pure force. Kollektiv almost takes no damage at all during the later games while he’s standing in the middle of the battlefield with no pillars to be hugged. Especially Realz gets totally trashed by Twixz who can free nuke the entire time.

I’m sure the guys all take it for what it is: A fun thing to dump time with, but they don’t really take it as seriously and I can understand why. The real juicy stuff happens tomorrow.

Nevertheless we still got a couple of matches to be played and Twixz sounded like he really wanted to win it in his video interview. It’s still a $1000 USD. That’s a lot of candy.