zet Plays for mTw.dk

BY Andrew Miesner / September 19, 2009

Earlier this week, Marcus “zet” Sundström left the Sk-Gaming organization due to missing flights to Gamescom. It was a huge disappointment and started to question Marcus’ dedication to his team and the game. It is now been confirmed that Marcus is a stand-in for mTw.dk for the Danish SLAP online cup, replacing Jonas “whiMp” Svendsen. Following his depature from SK, many fans are inquiring his whereabouts as to where Marcus would find a new home.

mTw.dk Danish SLAP roster:

Guddo (manager)

This event, which is played almost entirely online, regularly sees top Danish teams competing in it and mTw.dk are no exception to that rule of thumb. So far in the cup mTw.dk are waiting in the final which will be at 19:00 (CET presumably) where they await the winner of the lower bracket.

Beyond seeing zet displaying his skills with one of the elite teams again fans will no doubt be excited by the as yet unknown prospect of whether this setup could see the light of day again. That seems like a far prospect as of now as mTw.dk already needed a fifth man to replace whiMp for the cup, coupled with the Swedish/Danish divide of the team. One also cannot forget to mention the integral role whiMp has had in mTw.dk’s fortunes since joining in 2008. That said with these situations often the teams and players themselves are not entirely certain of what the outcome will be. Instead they are content to play each game as it arrives and see what the effect may be on the future. Meanwhile for the fans this is a chance to see one of those interesting ‘what if?’ scenarios play out.

Source: Sk-Gaming