ZOTAC Cup comes to North America

BY Andrew Miesner / May 11, 2011

One of the most popular weekly European StarCraft II tournaments is the ZOTAC Cup. Every week European gamers go head to head hoping to get their hands on the €100/computer hardware prize, not to mention bragging rights as well.

Today ZOTAC announced that it’s coming to North America. Starting May 14th, North American gamers can compete weekly for $100 plus hardware prizes. The ZOTAC Cup will be held each Saturday at 15:00 PST and will follow the same format as the European version. Much like the European predecessor, the North American ZOTAC Cup will feature maps from Blizzard, iCCup and the GSL.


The ZOTAC StarCraft II North America tournament will be played in a “pool system” with high and low seeds until the quarter finals. Starting with the quarter-finals each round will then be played in a single elimination grid system. Pool rounds will be held in Best of one, Quarterfinals and Semifinals in Best of three mode and the Final will be best of five. Maps will be vetoed until the right set of possible maps is found.

During the tournament, the pool system will find the next available opponent automatically for the participant to minimize waiting times between the matches. A limited number of players receive high seeds in order to not eliminate each other before the final rounds. If a high seeded player loses his match, his opponent will inherit his high seed slot.


If you think you have what it takes, click here to sign up.