coL.Dog’s Week in Review

BY Andrew Miesner / September 18, 2014

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

Last week compLexity Gaming proudly gathered in the Inn and picked Dog as the founding member of the coL.HS squad. The first ever tournament under the red-black banner started out promising for Dog, but ended in heartbreaking fashion. In the North American BlizzCon qualifier the coL player fought his way to Day 3 of the competition and was just a single victory away from the Hammerstein ballroom. So close, yet so far. In the end, a crushing 2-3 loss to Filipino Staz ended the tremendous 4-game winning streak and put Dog’s match score to 6-3, and game score to 23-12.

  • 3:0 prodigy
  • 2:3 Diesel
  • 3:1 Dart
  • 1:3 DeathstarV2
  • 3:0 Neptune
  • 3:1 bma
  • 3:0 zRusher
  • 3:1 Freshca
  • 2:3 Staz

The ball in New York City is off, but the next challenge already awaits Dog. As one of the premier ladder players he managed to get an invite for the second installment of the Prismata Cup. The first one interation of the event marked Dog’s entrance to the big competitive scene, a debut in which his inexperience came back to bite him. This time around he looks to be the one doing the biting, making a statement for all the competitors around.

Dog will even get a chance to take revenge against one of the players that ended his Prismata Cup #1 experience. German player and DreamHack Bucharest Champion Gaara from Team Tempo Storm will be in the mix, as well as several other highly accomplished players from the North American and European scene. Big names like Rdu, Kolento, XiXo, Hyped, Reynad, Thijsnl and Firebat are lined up for the star-studded tournament, each looking forward to a chance at up to $1,000 USD.

Initially the tournament was set to take place last weekend, but spectacle of the BlizzCon Qualifier in both main regions forced it back. The new time is this weekend, starting Saturday, September, 20th with NA and EU starting at different times. coL.Dog will start his journey noon on Sunday and is looking to make another run to the end of a tournament. Only the best 12 players from the first day will make it into Championship Sunday, when Frodan with co-caster Reynad or Gnimsh will bring you all the action from the tables of the Hearthstone Inn.  If you want to get involved and help the organizers behind Prismata on their quest of making this cup a monthly fixture on the Hearthstone calendar, support the stream and check out the crowdfunding initiative here. All the money will go directly into the prizepool and will be used to pay the costs associated with running such an event.