coL.SC2 Welcomes rsvp

BY Andrew Miesner / January 9, 2011

As we have previously mentioned, 2011 will see big moves for The Syndicate in StarCraft 2.  We will be continuing to build our SC2 roster and will be launching exciting initiatives to contribute to the community.  Along those lines, we are excited to  welcome Julian “rsvp” Xu to the squad! Julian started his career in Broodwar and was a B ranked terran on ICCup. In SC2 he has switched to Protoss and is currently ranked in the top 20 in North American with 3,500+ points.

Julian made his debut for compLexity on Saturday in the GCPL Qualifying Tournament. He was able to win both his 1v1 matches and lost a very close ace match to vVvTitan 2-1.

coL.sc2 is now:

 Sung “Stalife” Min Park 
 Victor “Antimage” Poon 
 Sam “FireZerg” Prowse 
 John “Ganon” Kang 
 Ryan “Ryan” Rushia
Julian “rsvp” Xu
        Brett “MrWest” Hoffman (Manager)