DreamHack Summer 2011 Detailed

BY Andrew Miesner / May 3, 2011

Tonight the Swedish tournament DreamHack announced that it will be holding its third tournament of the year on June 18th through the 20th. Featuring a prize pool of 200,000 SEK (roughly $32,00) as well as “some of the world’s best” StarCraft II players, there’s no doubt that DreamHack Summer 2011 will see some great games.

So far only five of the participating progamers have been announced. The player list includes:
1. Naama ( DreamHack Winter 2010 Champion)
2. MC ( DreamHack Stockholm Invitational Champion)
3. White-Ra (DreamHack Stockholm Invitational Runner-up)
4. Socke (DreamHack Coin Toss Tournament Champion)
5. Bischu (DreamHack Coin Toss Tournament Runner-up)

So far there hasn’t been any announcement regarding the commentary or if/how the games will be broadcast. If it’s anything like the most recent DreamHack tournament, expect some amazing production levels that put almost every other tournament to shame.

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