MeetYourMakers.SC2 Makes Additions

BY Andrew Miesner / January 16, 2011

As StarCraft II becomes increasingly popular throughout 2011, many teams are striving to get the best players they can. MYM recently announced the addition of three new members to their SC2 roster. One of the acquistions is former Templars of Twilight leader and creator Christoph ‘Mondragon‘ Semke.

MYM.SC2 2011 is:

Christoph ‘Mondragon’ Semke
Daniel ‘XlorD’ Spenst
Carlo ‘ClouD’ Giannacco
Kim ‘SaSe’ Hammar


When asked why he decided to join MYM, Mondragon said:

MYM was the first and only clan that offered me to lead the squad and be a player. Besides they offered me the personal freedom I need to have in order to achieve the best possible results. The talks and negotiations were very friendly and both MYM and I agreed on the key points how to lead a squad. Thus you can expect good things in the future


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