Excello Strives For Excellency

BY Andrew Miesner / August 6, 2009

Despite the vacancy on the Excello team in the Counter-Strike 1.6 division, they have refused to let go.

Putting an end to their search is the Finland Counter-Strike 1.6 squad Astralis. Astralis has maintained high standings, playing in prestigious events such as ESWC and CPL and many have regarded Astralis as the top Finnish teams today. Astralis will be demonstrating their force under the Excello name for the first time at Assembly LAN Summer 2009.

“I am excited to see Astralis join us as our CS team. Our previous experiences in Finnish Counter-Strike haven’t been successful, but we feel that this time around it will be very different. Join me in welcoming these guys to Excello and wishing them the best of luck in the path to excellence.” – Alberto Duarte (Managing Director For Excello)

“We are thrilled to be a part of Excello. Today marks the day of us getting better support which will help us improve our playing level in many ways. Hopefully we’ll be able to help expand the Excello name in the seasons to come.” – Jirka “Jigetus” Ryhti (Astralis)

Excello’s 1.6 Lineup

Juuso “contE” Sajakoski
Samu “plastE” Aalto
Jirka “jigetus” Ryhti
Atte “VIDI” Hyvakka
Max “ruuit” Aspe