PG2: coL.cs vs motus

BY Andrew Miesner / February 16, 2009


compLexity started the match as CT and from the started, looked hot. The boys picked up 10 rounds before dropping the first round to motus. zid fell short of hitting 20 frags and was hot with the awp. coL played fantastic and motus couldn’t get a break, which resulted in the half being 14-1. The start of the second half we saw coL continue with their momentum with winning the pistol round. The next round went to coL and the match ended 16-1. Good game to motus.


Tonight compLexity.cs will be taking on motus on de_train. Motus has been on a winning streak since week 1 where they experienced their first and only loss of the season. compLexity has also been on a roll during the CEVO-Main season. The last match on train was against deadbolt, where coL’s terrorist strats were too much for them to handle. Both teams go into tonights match sitting at 8-1 records, and it looks to be an exciting match. The scorebot will be in #compLexity like usual, along with HLTV spectator info. Match time is 11:30PM EST, so keep it locked to for coverage!

Scorebot: #compLexity
compLexiTV Live Stream: HERE!

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