Heroic Boss Guides: TL;DR

BY Andrew Miesner / January 17, 2020

Welcome to our TL;DR Cheat Sheet! This is meant to give you basic information on the key aspects of each fight, and is over-simplified. We strongly recommend that after you finish reading this, you visit the page for each boss to get more in-depth information on how the abilities work and a detailed strategy.


Back and forth between P1 and P2 till he dies

Phase 1

  • Nobody stand in front of, or behind, the boss (except for active tank)
    • Tanks swap at 1-2 stacks
  • Red circle under you, get out
  • Boss does the giant red swirlie, get 35 yards away
    • Immediately after, run to the furthest edge of the room and wait for explosions to end

Phase 2

  • 3 people need to soak the red soak circles, run over pillars
  • Everyone else finds and kills stealthed mobs
  • Kill any pillars your 3 person team couldn’t


Back and forth between P1 and P2 till he dies

Phase 1

  • Melee stand to the boss’s side, ranged and heals behind him
  • Don’t get hit by Black Wings
  • If you get the purple targeting circle, move towards the edge of the room to drop puddle
  • Don’t stand in giant purple swirlie. After it explodes, add spawns from the middle
  • Tank 1 gets boss, tank 2 gets add 1 when it spawns
    • When add 2 spawns, tank 2 taunts boss. Boss will eat add 1 when it gets close
    • Repeat this when add 3 spawns
  • Stand in the purple puddle during Stygian Annihilation

Phase 2

  • Everyone stack in melee
  • Tanks run around and soak blue orbs coming from the side
    • Drop your debuff on the raid group
  • If you get small purple swirlie, move 8 yards out till it goes away


Back and forth between normal and intermission phase. Intermission every 20% HP

Normal Phase

  • Everyone stacks in melee behind the boss except the tank
    • Tanks swap at 7-8 stacks
  • If you get Shred Psyche, move 8 yards away until it falls off
    • Wait 5s after add spawns, then nuke it
  • CC one of the Images to give yourself a safe spot
  • Lust on pull


  • Boss splits raid in half with debuffs
  • Each half sees 4 Images of the boss
    • Most are fake
    • Find real one, kill real one


Soccer boss!

Normal abilities

  • Tanks swap at 1-2 stacks
  • Move away from red targeting circle if you see one
  • Don’t stand in the Obelisks
  • Stay out of the goop during Torment
    • Raid use movement CD here like Stampeding Roar


  • 3 players soak the orange soak circles
  • Find the glowing portal, ball spawns here
  • “Kick” ball to the other portal on opposite side of the room
  • Ball can NOT touch wall, Obelisks, or Azshara
  • After scoring goal, you can’t play soccer for 3 mins. New team next time.

Keep doing these till she dies


1 phase fight against 2 bosses. They don’t share health pool. Summon adds all fight

  • Tek’ris in control = stack bosses
  • Ka’zir in control = spread bosses 20 yards
  • No tank swaps
  • Don’t stand in Tek’ris’s purple frontal
  • Spread out when purple circles go on everyone
  • When Tek’ris makes a Ravager add, everyone hard swap
  • When Ka’zir makes an add do Volatile Corruption, hard swap
  • Dodge bowling ball adds
  • Interrupt Ka’zir’s cast
  • Keep adds slowed, AoE fest. Kill them as they keep coming
  • Lust on pull


3 phase fight against a 2 headed doggo

All Phases

  • Boss does a frontal cone breath ability at a random player
    • Does damage + a debuff. Debuff changes based on phase
    • Can always be dodged
  • Does a 1-2 combo on tanks Crush and Dissolve. Always taunt swap as soon as Crush deals damage
  • If you get the 4 stack application of Debilitating Spit, use a cooldown
  • If you get fixated by a Living Miasma, move away from people

Phase 1 – 100%-66%

  • Dodge purple swirlies, they come out more frequently the longer you’re in p1

Phase 2 – 66%-33%

  • Soak void orbs when they spawn

Phase 3 – 33%-0%

  • Burn phase, lust at 30%
  • Green goop puddle starts in the middle of the room, grows over time
    • Racing to kill the boss before goop takes over the entire space
  • Boss does heavy AoE to the raid the rest of the fight
  • Enrages at 30%, increasing damage done 25%


One phase encounter against a giant tentacle and her smaller tentacle adds

Drest’agath Abilities

  • Heals 11 mil every 5s
  • Puts big purple circle on the tank. Taunt swap when this happens
    • Tank with the circle needs to run to an add and explode on the add
  • Move away from boss when she does Entropic Crash
  • If you get purple swirlie, move away from people
  • Dodge Void Glare lazer beam
  • At 100 energy, does a large AoE on the raid


  • 3 types, Tentacles, Eyes, Maws
    • Eyes do mind flay, interrupt it. Kill these last.
    • Tentacles drop Smoke Bomb. Melee get inside smoke & kill it
      • 1-2 healers need to go in smoke to heal
    • Maw does a heal absorb to anyone near. Ranged nuke this
  • When adds die, they drop purple goop. Run over goop to get Void Infused Ichor
    • When you have Ichor, any damage you deal to the boss can NOT be regenerated by her passive healing. Raid should all grab ichor at same time and use CDs

Rotate through killing adds & boss 3-4 times and kill her


2 phase encounter. P1 you fight Il’gynoth, P2 you kill organs. Killing 1 organ moves you back to P1. Need to kill all 3 organs to win

Il’gynoth abilities

  • Beam nukes the tank. Swap after taking 2 of these
  • Also does standard Eye Beam lasers at a few people. Run away from this. Leaves goop on ground, try to keep goop in a small circle
  • MC’s random players. Everyone swap and kill MC’d people
  • In your 2nd and 3rd P1, you’ll have blood goop adds. Slow & kill them
  • Lust during 3rd Phase 1

P2 abilities

  • If you get red circle on you, spread out from people
  • Pick 1 organ to kill each P2, all DPS focus it
  • Interrupt organs when they cast. If you miss, you’ll get a blood goop add
    • Blood goop adds need to be slowed and killed


3 phase fight. Alternates between P1 and P2 until boss reaches 40%, then goes into P3.

Phase 1

  • Start fight off against boss + one big Ascendant add
    • Nuke Ascendant add asap
    • Ascendant does a massive lazer beam at it’s tank
    • Leaves an orb where it dies, this comes into play later
  • If you get the purple circle under you, move to the edges of the room
    • Drops a puddle. Try to drop new puddles on or near old ones
  • Boss does a frontal breath on the tank, gives tank stacks of a DoT
    • After 3rd breath, tank should get the orb the Ascendant dropped. Resets your stacks
  • When tank gets Despair, healers need to bomb heal them
  • Boss also periodically puts down a gateway and small adds come out. Casters, rogues, weak warriors. Just kill these

Phase 2

  • Boss flies into air, summons new adds, make 1 add turn into Ascendant
    • Everyone nuke Ascendant ASAP, then Vexiona tank pick up new orb to reset stacks
  • Dodge the flyover flame breath from Vexiona
  • Handle the purple circles like in P1, drop puddles near edges
  • After 3 flyovers, back to P1

Repeat P1 and P2 until boss hits 40%

Phase 3

  • Burn phase. Lust here
  • Everyone gets DoT stacks now whenever you take damage
    • Healers save raid CDs for late in fight, boss sub 20% hp
  • Move away from boss when she does Heart of Darkness, get out of glowing orange circle
  • Stand next to a friend all phase
  • Have 5+ people stack on tank when Desolation goes out


2 phase fight. P2 starts at 40% hp

Phase 1

  • Everyone but tanks should stack in melee range
    • Put 2 markers behind the raid, one left one right
  • Orbs spawn, one void one lightning. Kill one, let other hit boss
    • Alternate which type of orb you kill
  • Boss explodes for AoE damage when orb hits him
  • An add spawns based on which orb
    • Lightning orb makes a lightning add casting Chain Lightning
    • Void orb makes Void add casting a big soak circle. Targeted player make sure you’re with the group to split damage with everyone
  • Also does an Unstable ability based on which orb hit
    • Lightning orb makes a jumping lightning bolt. Affected player runs to one of the markers behind raid. Someone else runs to other marker for bolt to jump to. Keep repeating until bolt stops jumping
    • Void orb makes small soak circles. Soak these
    • Different people need to soak or be hit by bolt every time
  • Tanks swap at 2 stacks of the debuff he does

Phase 2

  • Burn phase, lust here
  • Heavy AoE to everyone for rest of fight
  • Dodge purple swirlies
  • If you get Chained, run away from people you’re connected with
  • Healers should rotate raid CDs after lust ends
  • Keep tanks around half health this phase, so the DoT from Decaying Strike doesn’t wreck them


Coming Soon. See full guide for now.


Coming soon. See full guide for now.